Since 1991 we have been looking after the Feet of North London providing Chiropody and Podiatry services at The Woodberry Foot Health Clinic in Muswell Hill.

We offer a complete solution for all your Foot and Ankle problems and concerns. From routine chiropody for corns and calluses through to foot and ankle surgery we will guide you to the best evidence based and effective treatments and investigations.

Under the clinical direction of Julian Livingstone, Consultant Podiatrist, our experienced clinical staff provide care tailored to your needs. Please feel free to contact us at the links below and look around our website for more information on our staff and services.

A vast number of injuries and pains of the lower back and limb are caused by how your feet function. At the Woodberry Foot Health Clinic we use state of the art diagnostic equipment to see if gait or posture is causing your back, hip, knee or foot pain providing the best evidence based treatment for your problems. We provide orthosis and a tailored rehabilitation program for non surgical treatment and can advise regarding recovery from lower limb and back surgery.

Children’s Feet


The growing child can present with many conditions which are of concern to the parents and the child themselves. Conditions which are commonly seen in children include growing pains in the legs and feet, flat feet, heel pain, in and out toeing gait and knocked knees. In most cases these conditions are treated conservatively. It is important to remember that a child in not a small adult, they have a different anatomy and metabolic system. It is important to assess all children individually and whilst some conditions are inherited all children like all adults are different.

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