Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown Toenails  can affect any nail but commonly the first toenail is affected. They are usually very painful and lead to secondary infections. Whilst sometimes they can be treated conservatively usually a small operation called a nail wedge resection with phenol ablation is performed. This results in quick pain relief and in nearly 100{d1bf1ecfe4eb8f4d8475fbd00f84394a57bcbebe5cbac88ba5cf66360370b17a} of cases, no re-occurrence.


Discoloured and Thickening Toenails

The appearance of our toenails can change for a number of reasons. Trauma, infection, illness, chemicals and medication can all affect the appearance of our toenails. Where a fungal infection is involved the toenail can be treated with a topical lacquer to eradicate the infection. Thickened nails can be managed by reducing the toenail to a normal level.

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