I have been working within an Orthopaedic team for over 20 years and form part of a NHS Foot & Ankle Service. A member of The British Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society (BOFAS) and The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) I am ideally placed to advice on both Surgical and Conservative care for Foot and Ankle Problems. I have a special interest in post operative rehab getting you back to where you want to be as fast as possible.

Ingrown Nails

With over 25 years experience in dealing with this condition, I understand how painful it is and how confusing the advice can be. Conservative care can be used, but the evidence is that most people will require surgery eventually to resolve this. There are many myths about surgery the most common being how painful it is, it is not. Surgical intervention has a very high success rate with regrowth rates of less than 2{3a13968222b86cd3299d0da5deeb12e5010580e435f532d20a58811544d91dd7}, the main risk being infection after the operation. Little time is required of work or school and normal footwear can be worn a few days following the surgery. The post-operative care is essentially done by yourself with daily changes of a dry dressing such as mepore and cleaning of the wound. Above all this is a pain killing operation. Please get in touch and i will talk you through all thee risks and benifits of having it done.


Many myths surround Bunion operations. Surgery is indicated for pain and inability to wear footwear. The younger the patient the worse the long term satisfaction rates but pain and inability to function should always be considered. Pain from bunions can be treated by conservative care but footwear does play a large role in Bunions. Careful assessment is essential for success and there are over 100recognised different procedures for bunion surgery.

Ankle Surgery

Mr Livingstone works closely with his orthopaedic colleagues with regard to ankle surgery. Careful assessment is again essential and planning for post-operative care and rehabilitation. Depending on the condition and procedure ankle surgery can take anything from 6 months to a year to recover from.

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