Foot X Rays are a fundamental assessment tool when deciding on surgery, but are also useful for both biomechanical assessment and in giving a diagnosis. Modern digital images use far less radiation than in the bad old days and are routinely used in Mr Livingstone’s practice.


MRI has the advantage of showing both inflammation and anatomy. It is a objective investigation in the same way as an X Ray and Mr Livingstone can arrange for these tests to be performed quickly and at a fixed price for self paying patients.


These test are less commonly used but CT shows bone anatomy whilst a SPECT CT shows both anatomy and inflammation to a level not seen on MRI. SPECT CT is a relatively new form of imaging and as such is relatively expensive but can show pathology that previously has not been detected


Ultrasound has the advantage of being a dynamic image. Mr Livingstone commonly used ultrasound when considering giving injections into soft tissue or joints for pain relief and treatment. So it has the advantage of being both diagnostic and also used for treatment.


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