Children’s Conditions

Mr Livingstone has a specialist interest in the growing foot. Many myths exist around children’s feet and it is important to remember they are not just mini adults feet. The foot starts as essentially a cartilaginous structure with very little bone and as the child develops the bones form and the musculature strengthens. At various times during growth feet and legs naturally change shape and it is important to remember that normal is a concept not a fact.

Pain is the body’s alarm bell and a child in pain should always be assessed and an accurate diagnosis given. Whilst in the old days we put many things down to growing pain we now have a better understanding that leaving a child in pain limits their activity and function and can lead to more problems.

Back, Hip, Knee, Leg or foot pain can come from many causes and Mr Livingstone will carefully assess your child to come to an accurate diagnosis before providing a tailored treatment plan.

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