Since 1991 we have been looking after the Feet of North London providing Chiropody and Podiatry services at The Woodberry Foot Health Clinic in Muswell Hill.

We offer a complete solution for all your Foot and Ankle problems and concerns. From routine chiropody for corns and calluses through to foot and ankle surgery we will guide you to the best evidence based and effective treatments and investigations.

Under the clinical direction of Julian Livingstone, Consultant Podiatrist, our experienced clinical staff provide care tailored to your needs. Please feel free to contact us at the links below and look around our website for more information on our staff and services.

A vast number of injuries and pains of the lower back and limb are caused by how your feet function. At the Woodberry Foot Health Clinic we use state of the art diagnostic equipment to see if gait or posture is causing your back, hip, knee or foot pain providing the best evidence based treatment for your problems. We provide orthosis and a tailored rehabilitation program for non surgical treatment and can advise regarding recovery from lower limb and back surgery.

Diabetic Foot Problems

DIABETIC FOOT PROBLEMS Having good foot health is particularly important in people with diabetes as it can affect the circulation and sensation of their feet. It is recommended people with diabetes have regular foot check ups to minimise the risk of developing long term complications as a result of diabetes.  At our assessments we take […]

Arthritic Foot Problems

ARTHRITIC FOOT PROBLEMS The foot contains 33 joints and over a lifetime of walking, running and standing is the most common site of arthritic changes. Arthritic changes can also occur due to systemic diseases such as Rheumatoid arthritis. We have extensive experience in dealing with the pain and deformity that can be associated with these […]

Children’s Feet

CHILDREN’S FEET & GROWING PROBLEMS The growing child can present with many conditions which are of concern to the parents and the child themselves. Conditions which are commonly seen in children include growing pains in the legs and feet, flat feet, heel pain, in and out toeing gait and knocked knees. In most cases these […]

Sporting Injuries

SPORTING INJURIES Anyone who has developed a sporting injury knows the frustration and worry that goes with that injury. Have I done something that will stop me doing the activity I love or indeed in some cases get paid to do? Accurate diagnosis is the key to getting prompt treatment that leads to a speedy […]

Flat Feet & Bunions

Flat Feet Historically people have seen flat feet as a problem in themselves, however the evidence does not support this. All types of foot structure can lead to problems and pain. Flat feet can occur as a result of arthritis or tendon dysfunction and a progressing flatfoot is something that should never be ignored and […]

Heel Pain & Plantar Fasciitis

HEEL PAIN Heel pain is a common problem affecting 10% of the population. Unfortunately contrary to a lot of advice it does not spontaneously resolve without appropriate treatment and is the most common complaint I see. It is important to make an accurate diagnosis so that treatment can be planned and given. Not all heel […]

Corns, Calluses & Verrucas

VERRUCAE Verrucae & Warts are caused by a virus that live on most peoples skin, Human Papilloma Virus, they are not normally caught, but occur following trauma to the dermis that allows the virus to get where it shouldn’t be. The virus to penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin and the virus then […]

Toenail Problems

INGROWN TOENAILS Ingrown Toenails can affect any nail but commonly the first toenail is affected. They are usually very painful and lead to secondary infections. Whilst sometimes they can be treated conservatively usually a small operation called a nail wedge resection with phenol ablation is performed. This results in quick pain relief and, in nearly […]